Make your donation of tithings and offerings by bank deposit or credit card.

The minimum amount of contribution is BRL 30,00 for credit cards.

When contributing by credit card, an account will be automatically created on our website, and you will receive your password on your email. Always use this account for new donations or event purchases on our website. To verify your contributions and inscriptions access the Register menu



Payment by Credit card


Payment by Credit card

If you choose to make a bank transaction, use one of the bank accounts indicated on the side. Data for deposits:

Name: Igreja Batista de Vilas do Atlântico

CNPJ: 02.025.887/0001-06

Thank you for your contribution.

Banco Bradesco
Agency: 1173
Account: 466-9

Banco Santander
Agency: 3704
Account: 13000335-7


Expansion Campaign.

Contribute with this project monthly and help us expanding our facilities.

Join for 12 months, signing for a monthly contribution through credit card.

The billing is automatically done on your credit card and you will receive an email confirming the payment. After 12 months, the billing is automatically canceled. You can follow up on the situation of your payments, on the Register tab, on the Signatures option.

You can cancel your signature anytime you want, on your account tab, by emailing to contato@ibva.com.br or by calling +55 71 3379-1033.

Expansion Campaign

This is a recurring donation.
Payment by Credit card

Expansion Campaign – Single Donation

Payment by Credit card