The “IBVA Kids” exists to support the parents on the spiritual education of children and pre-teens, taking the Word and the Love of God to them, teaching them the Word of God, in order that they choose to love, worship, obey and serve God with all their hearts.

We are a ministry:

  • That is directed to children and pre-teens, in which the Bible is taught in an attractive and creative way, being a welcoming environment that brings motivation to every child, so that they become intimate disciples of Christ e testify of His love (Missionary vision);
  • That supports and complements the IBVA family (other ministries and departments), fulfilling our purpose on the body of Christ;
  • On which the volunteers work accordingly to their gifts, serving the Lord with love and joy, and are valued and welcomed with a lot of care;
  • Of support to the families (of IBVA), providing a space that helps the child or pre-teen on their healthy spiritual and emotional growth.


Department of women who are converted to the Lord Jesus, and who seek a life of obedience to God and to His word. Our goal is to minister to women, using our different qualities and gifts, seeking God’s wisdom for unity and fructification.


  1. Spiritual authority and directions from the church;
  2. Unity for a service of excellence on the Kingdom of God;
  3. Practical teaching of the Word of God in small groups;
  4. Individual and group dedication for a life of prayer and worship;
  5. The feminine essence as a gift from the Creator;

Department activities: Monthly services, small discipleship groups with bible study, intercession meetings, visits, retreats, conferences and evangelistic activities.

The women have gathered, under the leadership of Sheila Pinho and Rosana Santos, seeking to put to action the teachings on the Word of God. The fruit of this work has been a visible maturing in these last years, where the women were able to get involved in many areas on this department. Leaders are being formed every day! And new sisters are being added and encouraged.

It has been a real learning and spiritual growing experience. Unity has been increasing more and more. Now, the women minister to one another, pray, intercede, have communion and take care of each other. A department that loves the Lord and everything He does.


The department of couples “Somos Um” has the goal of helping the married and future married couples to develop a harmonious companionship, based on the principles of the Word of God.

The activities developed by the department encourage communion and the teaching of Christian principles regarding life as a family. Some activities happen with small groups, like the “Curso de Noivos” (Bride and Groom Class) and the “Caminhando Juntos” (Walking Together). Both of these classes are 3 months long, and are really edifying! Besides that, we have big meetings, like the “Sexta a dois” (Couple’s Friday), which happens once per season with relevant studies for you and your spouse, and the Family Congress.

The department also counts with personal pastoral counseling, and with equipped and experienced counseling couples available for you.

Since 2017, the church calendar has included the “Family Service”, which happens on every third Sunday of every month, on 17pm and 19:30pm services, to the whole church.


The men’s department of IBVA has as main goal the transformation of men into people who are after the heart of God, using the Word of God as the guide.

We serve the Lord Jesus through our five pillars: Worship, Discipleship, Integration, Evangelism and Service.

Under the coordination of Pastor Carlos Henrique and the leadership of Pedro Pinho Gustavo Guimarães, we will walk together to become men filled with more and more of the Holy Spirit.


We are teenagers, from 12 to 18, who have a lot of thirst for life and purpose, and thirst for God. We believe Jesus is not only the reason of our life, but He is life itself. That is why we want to know Jesus, walk with Him and express Him everywhere: at home, in school, in our neighborhood, wherever we are.

We want to be disciples and make disciples in this city, in this nation and wherever the Lord sends us. We’re missionaries on a day-to-day scale, but also go on missionary expeditions to where the Lord sends us, may it be on the countryside, the riverside communities or even in other nations.

Our gatherings happen on Wednesdays, one week in the church and the other in the houses, with small groups, where we share about our lives, we pray, encourage each other and share the Word of God with our friends. On at least one Saturday per month we gather for a special service, a gathering with all our teenagers. We call this service the “NEED”, and it happens in the church’s temple.


We are the youth ministry of IBVA, and we have the purpose of raising and equipping the youth to receive and live the real Gospel of the Kingdom on our days. We will take this Gospel to the streets and all the areas of society through love, passion for Jesus and Fear of God, always maintaining a mindset of a simple but supernatural gospel.


  1. Create a firm base for the youth through love and intimate relationship with God, studying of the Word, a life of prayer and constant worship.
  2. Strengthen and exercise unity inside the youth and with the whole church, besides discipling and taking care of every member of this family.
  3. Take the Gospel of the love of Jesus out of the church environment through personal testimony, and through reaching out to specific groups (universities, families, neighbors, homeless groups, people in need, etc.).
  4. Bring the reality of the supernatural to our day-to-day, and the presence of the Holy Spirit to our context, as it is said by Jesus Mark 16:15-18 and Acts 1:8.

We gather every fifteen days on Saturdays for our Youth Service, where we worship and seek the presence of God in a contextualized and modern way. During the week our gatherings are on Thursdays, and we alternate between our prayer meeting “2 ou 3” (2 or 3, as in Matthew 18:20) and our small groups, where we gather at the houses for a moment of bible study and closer communion.

If you’re a young adult, between 18 and 35 years old, get in touch with us through our social media and join us! We want to meet you!